[LOGIC] List

In July 2023, DLMPST took over the mailing list [LOGIC] (sometimes known as the Bonn Logic List) that had been distributing job advertisements, event notifications and other logic-related news since 2000. DLMPST appoints the moderator of the list for a term of four years. The current moderator is Dr Deniz Sarikaya (VU Brussel; 2023-2027). Some background of the list's history is described here.

Aims. The [LOGIC] list aims to inform the interested community of important logic-related news. The list is moderated and the moderator selects the postings in order to guarantee that they are sufficiently logic-related (where logic is interpreted very broadly) and to control the list traffic to have a maximum number of postings per day. While the moderator checks whether a posting is of sufficient interest to the community, posting of any news item does not constitute an endorsement of the moderator or DLMPST and only serves as distributing information to the community.

Archives. The archives of all past postings on the [LOGIC] list (since 2000) are kindly provided by the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation of the Universiteit van Amsterdam here: [LOGIC] List Archives.

List client. The [LOGIC] list uses the list client mailman kindly provided by the Universit├Ąt Hamburg. You can subscribe, unsubscribe, and otherwise manage your subscription via the following webpage: Mailman page for math.logic.

Posting. In order to suggest a posting to be considered for the list, please do NOT send it to the mailman list, but directly to the moderator at logic(dot)list(at)outlook(dot)com.