ICM Satellite

Satellite event for the International Congress of Mathematicians 2018 co-organised by the Sociedade Brasileira de Lógica and DLMPST/IUHPST.

Contributed Papers and ICM Short Communications. The Scientific & Organising Committee invited all researchers in mathematical logic to submit abstracts (you can find the full call for abstract submissions here). We also encouraged all participants of our satellite conference to submit an abstract for a short communication at the ICM itself.

Keynote Speakers.

Matthias Aschenbrenner
(Los Angeles CA, U.S.A.)
Valued differential fields  
  Martin-Löf randomness as uniform distribution modulo 1 Verónica Becher
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Valeria de Paiva
(Cupertino CA, U.S.A.)
 Dialectica categories: the relevant version


    Steve Jackson
(Denton TX, U.S.A.)
Ulrich Kohlenbach
(Darmstadt, Germany)
Recent developments in proof mining  
  Saturation of regular ultrapowers Maryanthe Malliaris
(Chicago IL, U.S.A.)
Francisco Miraglia
(São Paulo, Brazil)
Faithfully Quadratic Rings  
  Differential henselianity Lou van den Dries
(Urbana-Champaign IL, U.S.A.)
Joris Van Der Hoeven
(Palaiseau, France)


Accepted contributed talks. The following submissions were accepted for presentation (preliminar program):

  1. Leonardo Ángel, The field of logarithmic transseries and its precontraction group.
  2. Guillermo Badia, Joao Marcos, On classes of structures axiomatizable by universal d-Horn sentences and universal positive disjunctions.
  3. Tristan Bice, Piotr Koszmider, C*-algebras with and without ≪-increasing approximate units.
  4. Artem Chernikov, Large sets in model-theoretically tame groups.
  5. Penélope Cordero, Ricardo Oscar Rodriguez, Manuela Busaniche, Epistemic BL-algebras: An algebraic characterization for the fuzzy logic of belief KD45.
  6. Gabriel Fernandes, Ralf Schindler, Pcf theory and more Woodin cardinals.
  7. Michał Tomasz Godziszewski, Π01-computable quotient presentation of a nonstandard model of arithmetic.
  8. Mirjana Ilic, A sequent calculus for positive relevant logic with necessity.
  9. Jean-Baptiste Joinet, Thomas Seiller, Collusions, orthogonality and types.
  10. Hugo Mariano, Logical and categorial aspects of abstract quadratic forms theories
  11. Carlos Martinez-Ranero, Michael Hrusak, Hereditary interval algebras and cardinal invariants.
  12. Javier José Murgas Ibarra, Carlos Enrique Uzcátegui Aylwin, Consistency of selectively separable and q+ maximal topologies.
  13. Thomas Seiller, Measurable dynamics, logic and computational Complexity.
  14. Thiago N. Silva, Umberto Rivieccio, Joao Marcos, Matthew Spinks, Algebraic Semantics for Nelson's Logic S.
  15. Giorgio Venturi, On arbitrary generic models of set theory.
  16. Pedro Zambrano, Jiri Rosicky, Michael Lieberman, On accessible categories and tameness.


ASL student travel awards. One of our sponsoring institutions, the Association for Symbolic Logic is offering modest travel awards to graduate students in logic to attend our conference. To be considered for a travel award, please (1) send a letter of application, and (2) ask your thesis supervisor to send a brief recommendation letter. The application letter should be brief (preferably one page) and should include: (1) your name; (2) your home institution; (3) your thesis supervisor's name; (4) a one-paragraph description of your studies and work in logic, and a paragraph indicating why it is important to attend the meeting; (5) your estimate of the travel expenses you will incur; (6) (for citizens or residents of the USA) citizenship or visa status; and (7) (voluntary) indication of your gender and minority status. Women and members of minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications should be sent by the deadline of 10 May 2018 to asl(at)vassar.edu with the subject line "ASL travel application for ICM 2018 satellite conference". The ASL expects to communicate decisions at least two months prior to the meeting. For more information, please check the ASL webpage on student travel awards.


Venue. The conference is organised by the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) and will take place in the auditorium of the Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói—MAC, the iconic symbol of the city of Niterói. The Museum was designed by the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and its viewing gallery provides stunning vistas of Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, and Sugerloaf Mountain. The city of Niterói is in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, on the other side of the Guanabara Bay, approximately a one hour drive from the site of the ICM 2018 (the Riocentro Convention & Event Center in the west of the city of Rio de Janeiro).

We expect to organise a minibus for participants to transfer from the Riocentro to Niterói after the closing of the ICM 2018 on Thursday 9 August 2018:

Visa & other practical information. Note that citizens of Australia, Canada, the United States of America, and most countries in Asia need a visa to enter Brazil. A visa waiver programme exists for citizens of most countries in South America, Central America, and Europe. We refer the participants to the ICM visa page for more information and detailed links to official webpages. Please make sure that you check the visa requirements and, if needed, apply for a visa in due time.

For our invited speakers, we booked the H Hotel Niterói which is in walking distance of the conference venue. Other participants are requested to make their own accommodation arrangements (the H Hotel can be booked via their webpage).


Scientific & Organising Committee. Christina Brech (São Paulo, Brazil), Samuel Gomes da Silva (Bahia, Brazil), Edward Hermann Haeusler (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Denis Hirschfeldt (Chicago IL, U.S.A.), Fairouz Kamareddine (Edinburgh, Scotland), Bruno Lopes (Niterói, Brazil), Petrucio Viana (Niterói, Brazil), Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Hamburg, Germany), Hugo Nobrega (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).


Association for Symbolic Logic Associazione Italiana di Logica e sue Applicazioni Division for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Logica & Wijsbegeerte der Exacte Wetenschappen